The Boynton Beach Mall Enter through NE entrance in front of the theater and beside TooJay's. We are located to the right of Restore coffee.

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Rules & Procedures: All children must have a signed parent information sheet and completed sign-in log acknowledging that you agree to abide by stated and posted rules in facility, in literature, and online. Choking hazard—please supervise children with small toys. Adults must wear socks. No food or drink in play area. Please keep a protective covering on potty-training children. Young children are not permitted in lobby, back science lab, at large art table, or in rest room unattended. Those with colds or other contagious conditions, please come back to play when healthy.


We will be closed until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Scheduled birthday parties will still be held, but we are only booking private parties at this time. Current members may hold on to membership cards or request refunds of prorated membership fees.

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All adults

must wear socks!

Mommy & Me Class Package
Names and ages of children

With our extensive educational knowledge and quality materials, we provide meaningful classes for all ages!

Winter Term January-March

Spring Term April-June

Summer Term July-September no classes

Fall Term October-December

Quarterly three-month structure: 
Week 1 enrollment 
Weeks 2-11 classes

Week 12 make-up week (and free class for those who do not need make-ups) 
Week 13 party and graduation ceremony with certificates for the term

Mommy & Me Mini's (Parent/Child Classes)  

Preregistration Required​ 

Trial class $5 

10 week class enrollment $50 (no sibling discount)

10 classes + 10 Open Play sessions $125 (no sibling discount)

10 classes + Unlimited Open Play (up to 13 weeks) $150 (siblings $125) 

Unlimited monthly classes and Open Play $100 month (siblings $50)

Structure (25 minutes)
Meet & greet, circle time, songs, parachute
Story, activities, mini-craft/project, good-bye song

Each term is 10 weeks. Enrollment after first class will be prorated for the rest of the term, but you must enroll in the following term (for instance, if there are two classes left in the winter term, you would pay $10 for those two classes and $50 for the 10-class spring term, total $60 for 12 weeks). Make-up classes and all Open Play must be completed by the end of the term. One missed class may be made up during make-up week; no refunds or credit for additional missed classes.


9:30-9:55 a.m.--before Open Play

Thursdays all ages

Honeybees up to 8 months now invited to class for free!

Sibling Options

Day off from school and have your older sibling for only one day? Pay $5 to sit in on the class and/or play independently during that time.

Class is 9:30-9:55. Options For After the Class:

1) Purchase only a class package and attend the 25-minute class (please adhere to class times--staying afterwards will constitute Open Play)

2) Purchase the class + Open Play package and stay to play at 10 a.m.

3) Purchase only a class package and pay as you go for Open Play (regular price $10, $5 siblings)

Pricing for 10-Week Mommy & Me Mini Class Packages

$5 trial class

$50 10 Class Package (10 weeks)
$125 10 Classes Plus Play Package (10 weeks of Classes + 10 Open Play Sessions)
$150 Class Plus Unlimited Package (10 weeks of Classes + up to 13 weeks Unlimited Open Play)

Customized short-term package--3 weeks must be consecutive

$30 3 Class Package (3 weeks)
$60 3 Classes Plus Play Package (3 weeks of Classes + 3 Open Play Sessions)
$90 3 Classes Plus Unlimited Package (3 weeks of Classes + 3 Weeks Unlimited Open Play)