We will be closed until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Scheduled birthday parties will still be held, but we are only booking private parties at this time. Current members may hold on to membership cards or request refunds of prorated membership fees.

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The Boynton Beach Mall Enter through NE entrance in front of the theater and beside TooJay's. We are located to the right of Restore coffee.

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Rules & Procedures: All children must have a signed parent information sheet and completed sign-in log acknowledging that you agree to abide by stated and posted rules in facility, in literature, and online. Choking hazard—please supervise children with small toys. Adults must wear socks. No food or drink in play area. Please keep a protective covering on potty-training children. Young children are not permitted in lobby, back science lab, at large art table, or in rest room unattended. Those with colds or other contagious conditions, please come back to play when healthy.

All adults

must wear socks!

Our Team

Suzanne is the founder of The Bee's Knees Learn & Play. She has degrees in education, is certified to teach in areas K-12, and has taught public school for over 20 years. She is married with three children, and the entire family has been actively involved in designing the space and programs.

Camilo has taught Spanish Immersion programs, supervised and trained staff, and done everything for the facility from moved our locations to knocked out walls and installed flooring.

Sebastian is the Critical Consultant. He ensures that the facility is gender-neutral and simultaneously appeals to multiple ages. If it is not perfect, Sebastian does not sugarcoat and he brings focus to the issue.

Lucas is the Durability Inspector. If it can be broken, he has tested it. He uses his head, figuratively and literally, to find the spots in the facility that could potentially be hazardous for our guests' little noggins.

Sophia is the Product Analyst. She utilizes every puzzle, costume, and art medium in the facility, and employs them with fidelity. Because of her detail-oriented nature, we have a working understanding of how everything functions.

Cat is the manager of the facility and teaches the Mommy & Me and Toddler Transition classes. She is a certified personal trainer and brings her extensive experience of customer service, management, physical and health education, and programs that her own children have attended to enrich The Bee's Knees Learn & Play with a fantastic dose of energy and humor.

All of our part-time Open Play facilitators and party hosts are hired on the basis of clean background checks and drug screens, understanding of our program and our mission, and ability to work well with both adults and children.  

What Makes Us Different

While children certainly need to engage in physical play, we found that our own young children turned nearly everything into a physical activity. From running and climbing in parks, riding bicycles on sidewalks, turning our sofa cushions into forts and trampolines, and literally running around us in circles when talking, we realized that there was more of a need to integrate learning experiences while having fun without having to enroll them in a preschool program. Because the kids were already so drawn to the screen and technology, we also thought we needed to slow them down and have them connect with natural materials and manipulatives.


Since March 2009, The Bee's Knees Learn & Play has provided children a meaningful, "unplugged" learning-though-play experience. Our facility is arranged in multiple stations: role play (kitchen, costumes, and our cedar "backyard"), problem-solving (puzzles and manipulatives), imaginative play (dollhouses, play sets, and train table), the arts (music, visual art, puppetry, stage platform), constructive play (over 20 types of blocks), literacy (books and writing practice), science lab, and physical play.

We are serious about maintaining a safe and clean environment. We have some small pieces on the play floor, so young children who put things in their mouths must be supervised for choking hazards. Rather than similar to a gym or inflatable facility with large equipment, think of us as if you were outside at a park with your child, watching out for small pebbles and mulch.

We try to be vigilant about providing you a healthy environment to play. We close the facility mid-day to clean the play area and have the facility professionally sanitized at least once per week. Adults must wear socks (bring your own or purchase for $2) and children are either barefoot or wear socks. Food is permitted only in the lobby, so bring a snack or enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants in the mall! All guests are asked to sanitize their hands and any child or adult with a cold, we ask that you please come back to play another day when you are feeling better. Children who are not fully potty-trained must wear a pull-up or diaper--from our experience, they become so engaged in playing that sometimes they have accidents, and then changing clothes interrupts their play momentum.   

Meaning of the Name

"The Bee's Knees" is an idiom that means "a highly admired person or thing," such as "At The Bee's Knees Learn & Play, our birthday party was the bee's knees!" We wanted a name that began with the letter B because that is the first letter of our last name, and we just came up with that! It is similar to "the cat's meow" or "the cat's pajamas."